Gracewell of Chingford Hosts Around the World Party

Penny McCrae  |  April 21, 2016
Gracewell of Chingford Hosted Around the World Party

Gracewell of Chingford recently hosted an "around the world" party to emphasise the importance of proper nutrition for older people. The gathering was a part of the Taste of Gracewell campaign, an annual event that launched across all of the care homes for the first time this year. The event also celebrates the team of chefs at Gracewell and their dedication to providing residents with nutritious food on a daily basis.

On 7 March, Chingford care home treated its residents and staff to a celebration of cultures. Gracewell chefs prepared snacks from various countries to show what healthy eating tastes like around the globe. As guests enjoyed their food, they feasted their ears on live musical performances of famous songs from across the world.

"The festivities didn't end with food and music. "

The festivities didn't end with food and music. Gracewell team members and residents dressed up in clothing that represents traditional apparel of other countries and decorated the home with continent flags. 

"Taste of Gracewell was a huge success,"  says Janyce Hand, Activities and Events Manager at Gracewell of Chingford. "It was a great chance to educate people about the need for a nutritious diet as you grow older, whilst applauding the important work of our chefs in ensuring every single resident receives exceptional food which meets their individual needs. We loved welcoming everyone to Gracewell of Chingford to sample the delicious home-cooked food on offer. Everyone had a wonderful time."

The Chingford community was one of the many Gracewell care homes that hosted an event in celebration of the Taste of Gracewell campaign, which took place just before Nutrition and Hydration Week, a worldwide event with the same goal: Emphasising the importance of elderly nutrition.

At Gracewell, residents always have access to a full menu of nutritious and tasty meals that cater to their special dietary needs or physical limitations. To learn more about how we can help, or to find a location near you, contact us today.