Tips For Keeping Weight Off

Gracewell  |  August 11, 2016
Maintaining a healthy weight is simple with these tips!

Maintaining a healthy weight doesn't have to be difficult! 

By reducing your body fat, you can maintain a healthier lifestyle, lessen your risk of developing chronic conditions and feel happier overall. But what happens when you've reached your target weight? How can you make sure you don't undo all of the progress you've made? Struggling to keep weight off after you've lost it is normal, but we've come up with a few solutions that may help ease the process.

Here are a few tips for keeping the weight off:

1. Stick to a low-calorie, high-protein diet
Counting calories may be in your best interest when it comes to watching your weight. But instead of worrying about portioning out high-calorie foods, just consider the healthier options. The NHS suggests eating foods with low calorie content and high protein. Protein-packed foods make you feel fuller quicker so you're less likely to need a snack between meals.

2. Schedule your meals
Instead of opting for the convenient choice, make sure you're planning and prepping healthy meals ahead of time. Nobody likes to be wasteful, so by using this approach you are less likely to slip up on your healthy eating. Regardless of if you're running late, you'll have a nutritious meal ready to go!

3. Set goals
Keep setting goals even after you've lost the weight. This can motivate you to keep up with your healthy eating and exercise habits.

"Skipping meals will work against you."

4. Don't skip meals
Skipping a meal can work against you, according to BBC Good Food.Making up for it with a larger lunch or a snack doesn't help and could lead to overeating.  If you want to maintain your healthy weight, start scheduling your meals for certain times so you won't be inclined to skip them.

5. Treat yourself
Yes, your diet should consist of mostly whole foods loaded with vitamins and nutrients. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself every once in a while. Cravings are natural and you deserve to treat yourself – a balanced approach is great for maintaining your weight. Just be cautious about over indulgence. Make sure to watch your portion sizes and only eat sweets every once in a while.