When Looking For Care, Where Should You Start?

Sunrise Senior Living  |  July 8, 2016
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The new care questionnaire by Gracewell Healthcare was made to help families decide on the level of care they may need. 

Choosing a care home can be difficult. Many older people and their families find it very hard to know what kind of care is available and exactly what they should be looking for, and very often, the differences between phrases such as “assisted living,” “nursing care,”  “residential care” and  “respite care” are not obvious. To help people take the first steps towards finding care that is right for them (whether dementia care, residential care or beyond), Gracewell Healthcare has created a brand new online questionnaire - The Gracewell Care Questionnaire.

The quick and easy to use online tool asks you questions about a parent, a spouse, yourself or someone else who may need care.  At the conclusion of the questionnaire, you will receive Gracewell’s care recommendation based on your answers*.

Gracewell’s expert care team helped to develop the Care Questionnaire, which is designed to support older people and their families as they search for the best care home options in the area. There’s no obligation to provide any other information or to talk to Gracewell, although many families choose to get in touch for a more detailed assessment after they have completed the questionnaire.

“Many families use the Care Questionnaire as a great place to start what could be a difficult conversation. After answering a short series of straightforward questions about topics such as medication management, memory loss, daily activities, and more, the Care Questionnaire results provide an indication of the type of care that people may need. The options include Independent Living, Residential Care/Nursing Care[SA1]  ** or Memory Care[a2] ,” a Gracewell Representative says.

After receiving your personalised result, you then have the option to speak directly to a member of the Gracewell Team who can help schedule a full Assessment† as soon as possible at a nearby Gracewell care home.

The Gracewell Care Questionnaire is one way that Gracewell is helping older people and families to find personalised care. Take a look at our other available resources, too:

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* The Care Questionnaire results are not a doctor’s diagnosis, nor is it an assessment by a licensed professional. To validate your Care Questionnaire results, you will need to speak with a member of the Gracewell Customer Support Team to schedule a full Assessment and determine if Gracewell can provide the care that you need. Read our confidentiality promise.

**Older people who value their independence yet need some help with daily activities find the ideal solution at a Gracewell home offering Residential Care. 

† During the Gracewell Assessment, you will meet with members of the Gracewell team to determine if you or your loved one’s needs may be met in one of our communities, and if so, what care level may be appropriate. The Assessment is not a healthcare evaluation, and the results are used solely by Gracewell.