Decoration tips: How to get your home ready for Halloween

Gracewell  |  October 3, 2016
By preparing early, you can get your home ready for the best Halloween decorations.

By preparing early, you can get your home ready for the best Halloween decorations.

Halloween may be a few weeks away, but for anyone interested in putting up some decorations, planning ahead is key. By preparing your home beforehand, you can have more options for your final Halloween display. 

Clean out the clutter
It's hard to find a good place for spooky decorations if your home is messy or cluttered. This is true for your front porch, as well as the garden. Removing a few ornaments to make way for more seasonal decorations is a good idea. This gives your home a refreshing new vibe, and also makes sure the additional Halloween items don't make things feel too crowded.

Call in the grandkids
Grandchildren can be helpful when gearing up for Halloween. They can give you valuable insight when planning a top-notch Halloween display. After all, children are the target audience. Likewise, decorating your home can be a fun family event or even become an annual tradition. Consider making a few tasty treats like biscuits to get in the spirit of the holiday and give your family a rewarding treat for being so helpful.

Your grandchildren are the perfect partners for getting ready for Hallloween.Your grandchildren are the perfect partners for getting ready for Halloween.

Work with what you have
The Guardian found that Halloween is the U.K.'s second most celebrated party night after New Year's Eve, and a whopping £460 million are spent yearly on costumes and decorations. By checking what you have at home, you can avoid some of these expenses associated with the holiday.

You may have old decorations, children's costumes and other items that can be used in the garden or front porch. Consider a theme or a few items you plan on displaying, and look around the home for ways of decorating your house without heading to the store. Again, ask your grandchildren for help, especially when rooting through heavy boxes.

Consider one big project
Good Housekeeping suggests a pumpkin display as a big Halloween project, but  there are all sorts of ideas that could serve as the centerpiece of your holiday decorations.

Look online for a few things that would make sense for your home. A classic Victorian house, for example, may lend itself nicely to a spooky makeover. A more modern home or flat, meanwhile, may benefit best from more creative decor. Either way, with a few weeks to prepare, you can construct the perfect monster or other scary beast. In that way, you can have the most frightening house on the block when Halloween rolls around.