Events and Activities

Our events and activities last month included: social mornings for residents and families, singing groups, storytelling, memory card games, visits from the PAT Dog, entertainment, exercise classes and ball games, board games and puzzles.

We also enjoyed our Grand Opening in March which included a champagne reception, prize raffle draw with signed goodies from Jenson Button, local arts and craft displays and an art gallery.

April 2014
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Date Event(s) Description
01 April 2014 Nails, Books and Tea 10.30am Nails with Becki. 11am The Book Club. 2pm Join the Teapot Tuesday Club for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, Family and friends are always welcome to join us
02 April 2014 1-2-1/Tai Chi/Cinema 10.30am Individual visits for our Residents. 11.30am Tai Chi - to energise you. For the Gentlemen we have an Afternoon Cinema Show for you
03 April 2014 Pat/Crafts 10.30am Individual time with the PAT dog. 2pm we have Easter crsfts
04 April 2014 Activity/Lunch/Nails 10am Staff activity meeting. 11am Ladies lunch at the George, hurry and book now! Limited spaces available. 2pm Nails with Becki, go on! Spoil yourself
05 April 2014 Trips/Bingo Trips into town with Tina and at 2pm have a game of Bingo! See if you can win
06 April 2014 Films A choice of films on request throughout the day. Enjoy with Family and friends
07 April 2014 Coffee Morning/Sensory Stimulation 11am Come along and join us for a cup of coffee on the second floor. 1.30pm Enjoy Sensory Stimulation, 'Sounds of Spa', with Tina in the 2nd Floor Lounge.
08 April 2014 Nails/Flexasize/Teapot Tuesday/Singalong 10am Nails with Becki. 11am Flexasize with Tina, on the 1st Floor. 2pm It's Tea time at our Teapot Tuesday Club where Malcolm will be holding a Sing Along for you all to join in
09 April 2014 1-2-1/Tai Chi/Remininsce 10.30am Individual time on the 2nd Floor. 11.30am Tai Chi with Tina. 2pm Reminisce Afternoon for those that would like to!
10 April 2014 Bowles/Crafts 10pm Wooden Hoopla & Carpet Bowles, join us on the 1st floor for some fun. 2pm A crafts session for the creative amongst us.
11 April 2014 Trip/Cooking/Nails 10.30 am Enjoy a trip to Town with Tina. If you prefer to stay home instead, join us for some cooking on the 1st floor. 2pm Spoil yourself and have your nails painted a favourite colour
12 April 2014 1-2-1/Bingo We have individual time with Becki at 10.30am Have a game of Bingo! at 2pm on the 2nd floor
13 April 2014 Films/Puzzles Films and Puzzles are available on request throughout the day
14 April 2014 1-2-1/Nails/Games 10am Is individual time for our Residents, or have your nails done by Becki. At 2pm we have ball games, also with Becki
15 April 2014 Massage/Tea 10am have a hand massage with Becki or at 2pm, join the other Residents with a cup of tea and a slice of cake
16 April 2014 1-2-1/Tai Chi/Meeting 10am Individual time for our Residents on the 2nd floor. 11.30am Tai Chi with Tina. 2pm Residents meeting on the 2nd floor
17 April 2014 Communion/Crafts 10am Visits to individuals, 11am Holy Communion on floor 1. At 2pm we have special 'Easter Bonnet' Craft lesson for you. Come along and have great fun with us!
18 April 2014 Trip/Cooking/Nails If you fancy a trip into town with Tina, be ready for 10.30am. If you prefer to stay home and cook, join us on the first floor for 10.30am. Becki will be painting nails at 2pm, do come along to be pampered!
19 April 2014 Easter Saturday 10am More 'Easter Bonnet' crafts for you to try. At 2pm there is an Easter Egg Hunt!! Oh what fun!
20 April 2014 Easter Sunday A Relaxing day, a time for Family and Friends. Films will be available, on request. A range of puzzles will be in the lounges for your amusement
21 April 2014 Coffee/Parade 11am Join us for a catch up at Coffee Morning on the 2nd floor. At 2pm Have an enjoyable afternoon at our Easter Bonnet Parade
22 April 2014 Crafts/Clothes/Tea 10.30am English flag making for St Georges Day-Coffee Shop. 2pm Fancy a new outfit? Then our M & CO clothes party is the one for you! Followed by tea and a delicious cake at Teapot Tuesday Club
23 April 2014 St Georges Day 11.30am Tai Chi with Tina. 2pm St Georges day gathering work shop -Floor 1
24 April 2014 Dogs/Crafts 10.30am Come and meet the Pat Dog! A must for animal lovers! 2pm Join us for an Easter themed Craft lesson
25 April 2014 Nails/Sing Along 10am Nails with Becki. 11.30am Sing along for everyone. 2pm If you missed Becki this morning come this afternoon instead
26 April 2014 Coffee/One 2 One 10am Coffee Morning on the 1st floor. 2pm Visits to individuals
27 April 2014 Film Afternoon Films in lounges. Please ask the carers for help with loading the DVD's
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