Events and Activities

Our events and activities last month included: social mornings for residents and families, singing groups, storytelling, memory card games, visits from the PAT Dog, entertainment, exercise classes and ball games, board games and puzzles.

We also enjoyed our Grand Opening in March which included a champagne reception, prize raffle draw with signed goodies from Jenson Button, local arts and craft displays and an art gallery.

August 2014
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Date Event(s) Description
31 August 2013 Rossetti House Fete Rossetti House Summer Fete. Every one welcome
30 August 2013 Sing A Long Get those toes tapping as we all join together for a Sing A Long today at 11.30am
30 August 2013 Picture Show Time to sit down and relax, watch a great film at the Rossetti Picture House today for 2pm
29 August 2013 A Walk or a Game Feeling Energetic? Join us in a walk to Frome Town Centre for 2pm today. I you feel like staying in for the afternoon, have a game of cards or Dominos instead, at 3pm
28 August 2013 Crafts Try your hand at making your own cards at our Crafts Class today for 2pm
28 August 2013 Tia Chi Join Janet with Tia Chi to stretch and relax you today a 11.30am
27 August 2013 Teapot Tuesday/Exhibition Share a cup of tea, have a delicious cake and chat with staff and other Residents, Family and Friends, at our Teapot Tuesday Club today at 2.30pm. Joan Murray will also be holding and exhibition of paintings for you to admire.
27 August 2013 One to One/Exercise At 9am we shall have Individual time for our Residents. Followed by some fun exercise at 11am, to include Flexercise/Ball games/Parachute. Join us and keep fit!
26 August 2013 Wii Gaming Join us for some Wii sport gaming on the Ground Floor this afternoon.
26 August 2013 One to One Individual time for Residents at 9am. Followed by a Residents meeting with the Activity planners for 11am
25 August 2013 BBQ the Allotment association have organised a BBQ to be held on the allotment
24 August 2013 Horticultural Show Manager of Rossetti House, Mr Mark Barnes, has been invited to present trophies a the local Horticultural Show
23 August 2013 Sing A Long Come and have a good old Sing A Long.
23 August 2013 One to One Individual time for our Residents
23 August 2013 Film Show Enjoy a great film at Rossetti Picture House this afternoon.
22 August 2013 Holy Communion Holy Communion at Rossetti this afternoon for those who wish to attend.
22 August 2013 Games Have a game of Dominos or game of cards with the other Residents.
22 August 2013 Crafts Join our Crafts session and try your hand at making your own cards.
21 August 2013 Tia Chi Relax and stretch as you practice Tia Chi with Janet at 11.30am
21 August 2013 Craft Afternoon Come along to our Craft Session where we will make our own cards.
21 August 2013 Individual Time Individual time for the Residents.
20 August 2013 Flexercise/Ball Games Limber up with some Flexercise/Ball Games & Parachute
20 August 2013 Individual Time Individual time for the Residents
20 August 2013 Teapot Tuesday Share a cup of tea and a delicious cake with Friends and Family at the Teapot Tuesday Club, at 2.30pm
19 August 2013 Morning Activities At 9am we we have Individual time for Residents. Followed at 10.30am by some tidying up in the Gardens and Allotments.
19 August 2013 Knitting Group Our Knitting Group will be held, make some Pom poms and chat with the other Residents.
16 August 2013 Film Show Enjoy a film show at Rossetti Picture House today at 2pm
16 August 2013 Sing A Long Enjoy a sing along today at 10.30am
16 August 2013 Yoga Come and relax, stretch and bend at the Yoga class this afternoon at 3.15pm
15 August 2013 Craft Afternoon Enjoy making cards with Theresa.
15 August 2013 Individual Time Enjoy some one to one time individually
14 August 2013 Resident/Family Meet At 7pm there will be a Residents and families meeting.
14 August 2013 Garden and Allotments Enjoy a stroll and relax as you walk in the gardens.
09 August 2013 Friday Film Club Watch a great film at Rossetti Picture House. Begins at 2pm
09 August 2013 Board Games Join the other residents and enjoy the fun of playing traditional board games, a game of dominos, all set out for you from 10.30am
08 August 2013 Day Trip A day trip to Frome for the residents and a pub lunch. From 11am
08 August 2013 Craft Afternoon Enjoy a craft lesson and learn how to make your own cards, begins at 2pm
07 August 2013 Sing A Long Join the other residents for a sing along today from 11am
07 August 2013 Allotment Enjoy and relax in the gardens, take a stroll round and see what is coming along. From 2pm
06 August 2013 Teapot Tuesday Join us for a cup of tea and a cake at Teapot Tuesday Club. Followed by the Book Club.
06 August 2013 Exercise Enjoy flexercise/ball games/parachute from 11am.
05 August 2013 Knitting Group Join us for our Knitting Group, we will be making pom poms.
05 August 2013 Morning Activities From 11am we will have sensory aromas and individual time
02 August 2013 Dominoes/Board Games Enjoy a good old fashioned game of dominoes or a board game of your choice at 10.30am
02 August 2013 Film Friday Film Time at Rossetti Picture House, every one is welcome
01 August 2013 Pub Expedition Enjoy an expedition around the pubs in Frome
01 August 2013 Museum Trip A Trip to From Museum today at 11am
01 August 2013 Allotment/Garden At 2pm come and have a leisurely stroll around the gardens and our allotment. Perhaps if you are feeling creative you could join us for crafts and try your hand at card making for 3pm
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