Gracewell and Sunrise care homes open their doors this Christmas

Loneliness among the elderly is a major problem, especially during the festive season. In fact, in the UK alone, an estimated 1 million people say over a month will pass before they speak to a family member, friend or neighbour. These people not only lack the support they need during difficult times, but they also don't have anyone to share special moments with, such as Christmas. This is why Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Heathcare homes are inviting older people in their local communities to join them on Christmas Day for company and a warm meal.

A powerful message

Sunrise and Gracewell have joined forces with Age UK to identify people in their areas who are in need of companionship for Christmas. All those in attendance will be treated to a full Christmas lunch with residents and have the opportunity to join in on festivities that the Sunrise and Gracewell care homes have planned for the day.

"Doors will be open throughout Christmas day."

The initiative was the result of the inspiration Sunrise and Gracewell care homes found in Age UK's message, "No One Should Have No One" this Christmas. Doors will be open throughout the day to ensure the communities are doing their part in making certain this is true.

"At Sunrise and Gracewell, we always aim to be hubs at the heart of the communities we serve," says Managing Director or Sunrise and Gracewell care homes Amanda Scott. "We love welcoming guests with open arms and never is that more important than on Christmas day. We are all very much looking forward to the 25th and ensuring our guests know they have new friends around them."

The Christmas season is one that should be filled with loved ones, comfort and joy, and the staff and residents at Sunrise and Gracewell are determined to make sure that more people get to experience this and everything the holidays should really be about this year.

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