Gracewell of Maids Moreton resident organises a clap for carers in the care home

Julia Bruton is a 76-year-old resident at Gracewell of Maids Moreton. At 8pm on Thursday 9th April, Julia organised a Clap for Carers within the care home.

Julia has been clapping for her carers every single week and will continue to gather everyone on Thursday evenings.

Julia wanted to show her appreciation for the team at Gracewell of Maids Moreton who continue to do such an amazing job of caring for the residents. Julia said:

The care staff here continue to turn up daily and help me with day to day challenges and enable me to get out of bed every day. I do not think the carers are appreciated or thanked as much as they deserve, and I am so very grateful to every single one of them. I would also like to congratulate the NHS for dealing so well in a crisis

Andrea Bullen, Home Admissions Advisor at Gracewell of Maids Moreton, said:

Julia is so lovely for organising this Clap for Carers at Gracewell of Maids Moreton. It was wonderful for our Care Team to be shown so much love and appreciation at this difficult time when they are working so hard.


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