Gracewell of Edgbaston resident Tony goes from strength to strength thanks to dedicated Activities Coordinator

In December 2019, Tony came to Gracewell of Edgbaston after suffering from a serious stroke at his home. Tony had little movement in his right side when he moved in, and his speech was also severely affected.

Soon after joining the Gracewell of Edgbaston family, activities coordinator Natasha Phillips began working with Tony and implemented a varied programme of exercises. She hoped that by making small steps every day, Tony might be able have a better quality of life.

Natasha first started with a stress ball to practice muscle movements in his right side. And just a few days later, Tony began to have more movement and could even write his name on paper.

After seeing his remarkable progress Natasha wanted to help Tony improve even further. She brought in an Active Minds Resource which gave him the chance to practice drawing and build more strength into his hands and arms.

Alongside the exercises and drawings, Natasha and Tony would speak regularly about his improvements which also helped build his confidence in conversations. Buoyed by his progress, Natasha then bought Tony a tablet with a variety of stimulating games to continue improving his hand-eye coordination.

In just two months, Natasha witnessed a huge improvement in Tony’s speaking and movement.

It is truly inspiring to see Tony become more independent and enjoy the fun and games on his new tablet. What’s more, his improvements have not just been seen by Natasha, but with all his friends and family commenting on how much progress Tony has made over the last two months.

Tony’s story is a credit to the dedication of both him and Natasha, who always go that extra mile with Gracewell of Edgbaston residents. It is safe to say that personal triumphs like this and countless others brightens up the day of all residents and staff across the Gracewell family.


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