Gracewell of Bookham resident writes poem with daughter-in-law to inspire hope and positivity

Dorothy Boughey is a founding resident at Gracewell of Bookham. She lives in one of the Independent Living Cottages at the care home.

Dorothy wrote a poem for Gracewell of Bookham’s monthly newsletter. This newsletter keeps families and loved ones informed on all that is happening at the home. She wrote the poem with her daughter-in-law, Marilyn, to inspire hope and positivity amongst the challenges we are all facing.

The residents that read the poem said how lovely it was, and they all thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The poem is below:

I’m a lady who likes to knit

My daughter in law, she got the kit

All the colours that I could see

Now what can I do or make for me?


I know, a blanket to keep me warm

Red and black and pink and fawn

All those squares they took some time

But I knew eventually it would all be fine


Sewing up is quite a chore

I’m quite glad there aren’t any more!


Crosswords too I like to do

They always get me in a right old stew

The clues some days are hard

And often catches me off my guard


I miss you all at our keep fit

Now I just have to sit and knit

But the day will come when we’re all together

Rain or shine, whatever the weather


In the Bistro, where we shall meet

A cup of tea and perhaps a sweet

Music, games and fun for all

Even a game of sitting netball


‘Thank you’ staff for all you do

It’s not just one, its all of you

See you soon when this is done

To come over again and have some fun


For more information about Gracewell of Bookham, click here.

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