Gracewell of Weymouth hosts drive-through visit for residents and their families

Gracewell of Weymouth recently hosted a drive-through visit event for residents and their families. The team at the care home carefully planned the visit so everyone involved could maintain a safe social distance and comply with government guidelines.

The team at Gracewell of Weymouth have ensured all families have contacted their loved ones, using video calls, phones and email. However, this was the first time since March that the residents were able to see their families in person.

Residents were seated at the entrance of the home and despite the rainy weather, all the residents were in good spirits. Families stayed in their cars as they slowly paraded past the residents and got to spend some quality time with them. Many families decorated their cars with amazing messages of love, bunting and posters.

Gracewell of Weymouth have already started making plans for their next drive-through visit following the success of this event.

Bryan is a resident at Gracewell of Weymouth. Bryan’s family, Dianne Pilliaert and Chris Pilliaert went to the drive-through event, they said:

Thank you so much to Gracewell of Weymouth, the drive-through event was a wonderful occasion. It was well organised and went very well. It was wonderful to see how dad was in the flesh, rather than just over Facetime. He had a tear in his eye, but to see his smile and face lit up was worth everything.

“You are all so dedicated and have a wonderful home. The staff are amazing and dad has been so well looked after. Our thanks also goes to Dr Godfrey, she is so marvellous and supportive. We could not have picked a better care home, thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Bryan, Resident at Gracewell of Weymouth added:

That was a marvellous experience. Thank you to the team here for doing so much for going to all the effort to make it possible for us to see our families again. It had been a hell of a long wait!

Esther Sheppard, Home Admissions Advisor at Gracewell of Weymouth said:

Families drove into our car park area, where the residents were ready and waiting to see them, they were all so excited. Residents were able to have face-to-face contact with that safe physical distance maintained. It was wonderful to see the families and residents reunite for the first times in months. It was so exciting for all of us, we can’t wait to host another.”


For more information about Gracewell of Weymouth, click here.

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