Meet Gracewell’s longest serving team member, Lisa Pickett: 33 years at Gracewell of Camberley

Lisa Pickett has been working at Gracewell of Camberley for 33 years. She is a Care Assistant but worked as an Activities Assistant for two years.

When Lisa first came to Gracewell, she was unemployed. Whilst at her cousin’s wedding, someone recommended that she apply for a care role. So she did.  She got the job and absolutely loves it.

Lisa’s favourite part of the job is working with residents and getting to know them all because they all have different personalities coming from different walks of life. She likes that the home is local to her and easy to get to.

Lisa said: “If you want to work in the care sector, you have to give it a chance. It is incredibly rewarding once you get used to the job.


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