Gracewell of Kentford residents delighted to safely reunite with families at drive-through visit

Residents at Gracewell of Kentford were able to safely see their families via an organised drive-through visit – it was a huge success.

The drive-through visit was carefully designed by the team at Gracewell of Kentford to ensure the safety of all residents and team members. The visit had been planned after careful consultation with Suffolk Police. Families remained in their cars as they slowly paraded past, and residents had flags waving as they greeted one another from a safe distance. Some families also decorated their cars with pictures and messages to their loved ones.

This was the first opportunity residents at Gracewell of Kentford have had to see their families in person since the UK lockdown in March. The team at Gracewell of Kentford have ensured regular contact is kept between residents and their families using video call on iPads provided by the care home.

Kathy Cardall went to visit her mother, who is a resident at Gracewell of Kentford, she said:

"Obviously we miss them so much, we can't get to them so this is a wonderful opportunity to just show them we love them and care and I'm so grateful. "You just don't have that physical contact to tell them you love them, so this is the next best thing at this time."

Christine Ellesley, Home Admissions Adviser at Gracewell of Kentford, added:

"There's no comparison to a face to face visit so even that short visit in the car at a short distance will mean the world to our residents, and it will just make them feel a bit better about what's happening and lift their day."


For more information about Gracewell of Kentford, click here.

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