Spreading positivity: the highlights of Lockdown at Gracewell of High Wycombe

Gracewell of High Wycombe has ensured that residents have had plenty to do throughout the UK lockdown. Both team members and residents have taken it upon themselves to focus on the positives at this time.

Birthdays are usually a time to celebrate with friends and family, spending quality time together. Even though loved ones can’t visit at the moment, birthdays in the care home have still been fully celebrated with Gracewell of High Wycombe’s signature birthday treats, including a cake baked by the in-house dining team and regular calls with loved ones.

Thanks to the Gracewell of High Wycombe team, maintaining contact between residents and their families has worked remarkably well. They have used Facetime regularly, as well as WhatsApp, phone calls and emails. Some residents have also preferred to hand write letters and cards.

Kim Williams, daughter of a Gracewell of High Wycombe resident established a wonderful initiative to help relatives communicate whilst in lockdown. The idea is a newsletter with pictures of the outside world, including the families and friends of residents and nature, so the residents have something to read. Kim kindly offered to co-ordinate the newsletter.

Residents have also enjoyed the sunny weather; they have been utilising Gracewell of High Wycombe’s balcony areas as well as spending time in the garden.

Residents are however missing their weekly visit from the local Sunshine Montessori Nursery school.  So, the nursery children sent in some beautiful pictures that they created and everyone was delighted to receive them. In return, many residents have created and sent cards back to the nursery.

The Gracewell of High Wycombe team have adapted in every way to ensure the residents’ routines feel as ‘normal’ as possible. Florina Rimniceanu from the Housekeeping team, and Senior Carer, Sue Colvill have even come in on their days off to become hairdressers for residents.

Rozina Ali, General Manager at Gracewell of High Wycombe, said:

I would like to extend my heartiest thanks and gratitude to all our lovely residents, family members, staff, their families and the local community for supporting us during this difficult time.

“My heart goes out to all those who have coped brilliantly and supported others around them with care and attention. I have no words.

Thank you to my team for being brave enough to show their care and love for residents and keeping everyone safe with their fantastic infection control skills. I am also touched to see how residents have supported each other with real zeal and care. These times will fade away, but memories of care, support and respect will remain forever with us. Once again, thank you everyone, you all are heroes.


For more information about Gracewell of High Wycombe, click here.

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