Celebrations at Gracewell of Newbury for resident’s 95th birthday and the care home’s 4th anniversary

On 18th and 19th October, Gracewell of Newbury hosted celebrations for Pam Yeomans’s 95th birthday. Pam’s birthday coincided with the care home’s 4th anniversary, so residents and team members had a busy day celebrating.

Pam Yeomans moved to Gracewell of Newbury in 2017, she was born in Bath and married a farmer. She used to enjoy getting up early to milk the cows and feed the chickens and the pigs. Pam has two children, five granddaughters and one great grandson.

At Gracewell of Newbury, Pam loves to help out with gardening and setting up decorations for events, parties and activities. She loves colouring, exercising, flower arranging, jigsaws, baking and ladies chit chat club.  Pam said:

“I love living at Gracewell of Newbury because we are all together like a family and I feel loved.”

The celebrations for Pam’s birthday were combined with the home’s 4th Anniversary, the residents and team members gathered for a socially distanced party. Two cakes were made by the in-house dining team, and the anniversary cake was cut by Audrey, the resident who has lived at Gracewell of Newbury the longest.

Audrey Hibberd is 91 and she moved to the Memory Care Neighbourhood at Gracewell of Newbury in October 2016 with her late husband Vernon. She moved to Gracewell of Newbury to be closer to her daughter, and she enjoys singalong activities, watching musicals, and time outside.

The celebrations were loved by all residents and team members, and the team members that had been at the care home since it opened were gifted flowers to say thank you for their years of dedication.

Sandra Vilaca is Activities Coordinator at Gracewell of Newbury, she has worked at the home since it opened in 2016. Sandra said:

“Working at Gracewell of Newbury has been the most rewarding and enriching experience in my 21 years of activities. We have all the resources, support and training provided so we can do the very best in our roles.

“I’m passionate and extremely dedicated to my job and I try to inspire those around me. Throughout the last four years, I have learnt a lot. At Gracewell of Newbury I feel loved, supported and respected by residents, families and colleagues.

“It was lovely to have so much to celebrate on one day, Pam had the loveliest birthday and we all had the best time celebrating our four years at this wonderful home.”

For more information about Gracewell of Newbury click here.

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