Gracewell of Horley Park Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Audrey White moved into Gracewell of Horley Park in May 2015. On 29th December, Audrey celebrated her 100th birthday.

Prior to moving to Gracewell of Horley Park, Audrey lived in the local area of Horley and she has travelled with her husband throughout her life. Audrey and her husband spent a number of years on holidays in Malta and they have a son, a daughter, a granddaughter, a grandson and two great-granddaughters. Audrey spent many years making flower arrangements for local businesses, including her local church.

Her hobbies at Gracewell of Horley Park include making flower arrangements, knitting, taking part in quizzes and attending coffee mornings in the care home’s bistro. Audrey has a love for animals, including pet rabbits at Gracewell of Horley Park.

Audrey is a big fan of the hair and beauty salon at Gracewell of Horley Park, she particularly enjoys having her nails painted and her favourite colour is pink. When the weather is warm, she also loves spending time in the gardens at the care home with the other residents. Her advice to young people is:

“Always listen to your parents, as they have your best interests at heart.”

Audrey also gave her top tip for living to 100:

“Be happy and keep smiling, even when you don’t feel like it.”

Simona Varga Pali, Home Manager at Gracewell of Horley Park, said:

“We had a wonderful time celebrating Audrey’s 100th birthday, with lots of cake and laughter.

“Audrey is always smiling and is loved by all of us here at Gracewell of Horley Park. She has established many special friendships with the other residents.”


For more information about Gracewell of Horley Park, click here.

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