Gracewell of Horley Park Residents and Team Members Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

Residents and team members at Gracewell of Horley Park received their Covid-19 vaccinations on 11th January. Doctors and nurses from Clerklands Surgery vaccinated 56 residents and 59 team members at the care home.

Pamela Simpson, resident at Gracewell of Horley Park, said:

“It was so efficiently carried out and the doctor was informative. I am reassured that I had it done.”

Monica Philpott, another resident, added:

“I feel well shielded at Gracewell of Horley Park and lucky to have the injection. It was brilliantly managed, the doctor and nurse made me feel comfortable. I’ve had no concerns since and will do anything to help others.”

The team at Gracewell of Horley Park were delighted to receive the vaccination, as it helps maximise protection for the residents they care for and their own families.

Health Care Assistant, Sophie Naish-Gordon, said:

“I was made to feel very at ease through the whole process of having the injection and the information I received from Gracewell of Horley Park on the importance of having it done.”

Simona Varga Pali, General Manager at Gracewell of Horley Park, said:

“We are very grateful to the local surgery for their help and we're incredibly pleased that we had the opportunity to vaccinate all our residents and a large number of our team members, in order to protect ourselves and those around us including the residents and the loved ones.

“We will continue to take the opportunity to vaccinate the new residents and team members. The safety and wellbeing of our residents and team will always be our main priority.”

Cristina Cristea, Deputy Manager at Gracewell of Horley Park, added:

“The vaccination day was a happy day for residents and team members as it’s giving us all hope.

“Having said that, we will not allow our guard to drop. We will continue to strictly follow our infection control policy and we will continue to wear PPE and regularly test people in line with the government guidelines."


For more information about Gracewell of Horley Park, click here.

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