Gracewell of Newbury Residents and Team Members Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

On 15th January, the team and the residents at Gracewell of Newbury received the first dose of their Covid-19 vaccinations.

With the help of the GPs from Strawberry Hill Medical Centre, 60 residents and 25 members of the team at Gracewell of Newbury received the vaccine.

Rosemary, an 81 year old resident at Gracewell of Newbury, said:

“I feel more protected, safer and I am hoping for the world to go back to where it was before the virus.”

Another resident, Dot, aged 92 added:

“I feel safer now with the vaccine, I wish that everyone could have it.”

Barbara, aged 99, was thankful that the team also received the vaccine, she said:

“I hope that now with the vaccine things will get better soon.”

The team at Gracewell of Newbury were overjoyed to receive the vaccine, it will maximise protection for the residents they care for, as well as their families and friends.

Shannon, a Care Assistant at the care home, said:

“I feel like my family and the residents are now all safe.”

Micaela, a Senior Care Assistant at Gracewell of Newbury, added:

“I have been lucky enough to receive the Covid-19 vaccination at work. I am now protected and protecting others as well.”


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