Gender pay gap

At Sunrise and Gracewell, we see our Gender Pay Gap Report as more than a legal requirement. It is an opportunity to review one of the core principles at the heart of our business: to celebrate diversity.

Legislation requires UK employers with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap. For Sunrise and Gracewell, as of 5th April 2018, this meant publishing gender pay data for three legal entities:


  • Gracewell Healthcare 1 Ltd (467 number of employees)
  • Gracewell Healthcare 3 Ltd (632 number of employees)
  • Sunrise UK Operations Ltd (1965 number of employees)


As these three legal entities form only part of the group, the Company is pleased to voluntarily report on the whole group of Sunrise Senior Living Ltd (UK) and Gracewell Healthcare.

We believe in our people. Our aim is to make sure that they reach their unique potential - and help our business to perform better - regardless of gender.

The Gender Pay Gap Report is just one of many other tools that we are using to make sure that we achieve our aim.

Please find our report available here for download.