Gardens by Gracewell

Every Gracewell home features a beautifully considered landscaped garden, designed and optimised for our residents and their specific needs.

Our homes exist to create a space to enable quality of life, and our gardens perfectly match this with access to nature and serenity at every Gracewell. Residents can even help with the gardening, if they want to.


“I’ve always loved my garden. It gives me so much pleasure to be busy outside, whatever the weather! Our gardeners’ group has tidied and replanted the raised beds with peas and carrots, then once they are gone we have some lettuces, spring onions, and radishes. Around the garden we planted marigolds and a variety of other bulbs, so we are looking forward to a lovely display in the Spring. A cup of tea and a biscuit always taste better when we come in from the cold.”

Dawn, resident at Gracewell of High Wycombe

Designed with you in mind

Our gardens are designed for gentle strolls and wheelchair access, with comfortable seating areas to make the most of sunny days. We understand that sometimes our residents and their families want the peace that only nature can offer, and our residents love the ease of access to these beautiful spaces.

Some of our homes have sensory gardens to help reduce the symptoms of distressed behaviours in residents living with dementia. Bright colours, vibrant accessories and the soothing sounds of water and nature can help to reduce stress levels. For every resident, an outdoor space that replicates their home garden can help maintain a genuine sense of normality.

We would love to show you around one of our homes and it's beautiful outdoor space. Just get in touch with us on 0800 0318 042 and we'll look forward to seeing you.