Gracewell of Bath Raises £400 For Dorothy House

Gracewell  |  August 17, 2018

Gracewell of Bath, on Clarks Way, held their annual Summer Fayre, celebrate a successful year with the residents, friends, family and team members.

The sunny celebration was a hit with the 75 people who attended, and the highlight of the day was the money that was raised for charity – with over £400 raised for Dorothy House, which is Gracewell of Bath’s chosen charity.  

The Fayre was able to raise such an incredible amount of money because of the generous donations from those at the home and in the local community. Local businesses and other organisations went above and beyond to provide over 50 prizes to use for the charity giveaway. Everyone at the Fayre enjoyed taking part in the fun and trying to win a prize for charity.  

Members of the Gracewell of Bath team presented a cheque to Yvonne Brunton, a staff member at Dorothy House. Home Admissions Adviser at Gracewell of Bath, Michelle Williams, and Carol Britton, the General Manager, provided Yvonne with a full tour of the home and showed her some of the important work they do. 

The Gracewell of Bath Fayre had plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained – with brilliant entertainment, stalls and BBQ fun in Gracewell of Bath’s lovely gardens.  

Michelle Williams, the Home Admissions Adviser at Gracewell of Bath, said:  

“The Summer Fayre was a wonderful day to celebrate what has been a fantastic year at Gracewell of Bath. It was great to welcome the residents’ friends and family and see everyone who lives at Gracewell of Bath have a special day with their loved ones. 

“We were also delighted to raise so much money for Dorothy House and enjoyed showing Yvonne round and giving her the cheque. The day was very special and we look forward to next years’ Fayre”.