How Gracewell of Horley Park Residents Live with Purpose

Gracewell  |  August 29, 2019

Gracewell of Horley Park isn’t just a care home providing nursing and dementia care, but a community that is determined to help its residents live with purpose.

This includes giving some residents the chance to take on part-time roles that allow them to become an intricate part of the daily goings-on and operations at Gracewell.

Before moving to Gracewell, resident John Mills was a successful businessman. Throughout his long and varied career, he always felt at home working at his own desk. Now one of Gracewell of Horley Park’s Resident Ambassadors, on hand to provide a helping hand to fellow residents, John has been given his own desk in Gracewell’s reception area so that he can support with administrative tasks.

John enjoys and takes pride in being helpful, with his tasks including newspaper delivery, assisting with maintenance in the garden and being a general voice to represent the views of residents. John also likes to wear an ID badge during his service and be a friendly and welcoming face when greeting visitors, as well as being there to bring an extra sense of reassurance to residents.

Through being involved and interactive on a daily basis, John benefits from a feeling of purpose and fulfilment, as well as enjoyment from creating friendships. Reflecting on his role, John says: “I enjoy doing the daily necessary work such as shredding, filing and greeting visitors as it helps to make the company more effective. The team are doing a great job and I enjoy being part of it as we all work very well together.”

Working alongside John is resident Joyce Forman, who moved to Horley Park earlier this year. As Joyce shared her passions, the team established how much joy reading brings to her. It was also important to Joyce to continue her independence and have the opportunity to continue pursuing her love of books.

With the support of Horley Park and Joyce’s own input, she has created a librarian role to fulfil within the home. With her very own desk, Joyce creates and organises Horley Park’s very own mobile library service that she can help share with other residents.

Talking about her role as the in-house librarian, Joyce says: “Being a recent arrival, I’ve found everybody to be very friendly, which has really helped me to settle in.” Joyce particularly enjoys setting her own daily tasks, which brings her fulfilment and a sense of social responsibility.

The care team and residents at Gracewell of Horley Park greatly enjoy seeing John and Joyce helping out and are looking forward to seeing similar opportunities open up to even more residents.