A Camberley Resident’s Passion For Painting Continues

Gracewell  |  December 8, 2017

92 year old Gracewell of Camberley resident, Isobel Wahlgren, has always had a life-long passion for painting and art, and her talent remains. Isobel has not let her great age or dementia stop her from continuing to paint, and she loves sharing her skills with other residents at the home. 

Continuing her passion at Gracewell of Camberley, Isobel prefers to paint during the day, taking full advantage of the natural light, and likes to portray natural scenes inspired by her love of the British countryside. She cites the English Romantic painter, John Constable, as a particular inspiration - an artist who shares her love of painting natural landscapes.

Although Isobel was born and raised in Scotland, she moved to South Africa when she was just 14 after her Father secured a job there. It was in South Africa that Isobel first began painting, receiving tutoring from a private teacher in South Africa aged 17. Isobel later married and raised two daughters in South Africa, before returning to the UK at the age of 85.

Isobel then made Gracewell of Camberley her home in March of this year, and when she isn’t painting, she is embracing all aspects of life at the home, enjoying the weekly ‘Knit and Natter’ group and channelling her creativity in the arts and crafts sessions.

Jeorgia Jones, Home Admissions Advisor at Gracewell of Camberley, said:

“Dementia has not affected Isobel’s ability to paint, or her beloved passion for art. Isobel still enjoys painting and has a full social life – she uses painting to relax and unwind. Isobel can still describe her painting techniques and is very knowledgeable.

“She is a warm and caring lady who has lived an extremely well-travelled and interesting life. This has inspired her paintings for many years. She is a great friend to many residents here and is always a listening ear when her friends may be feeling down. She really and truly is the life and soul of Gracewell of Camberley’s Memory Care neighbourhood”.