Taste of Sunrise Campaign Launched

Paul James  |  March 9, 2016
Taste of Gracewell Campaign Launches

To emphasise the importance of good nutrition, all Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell care homes throughout the UK are inviting guests to enjoy culinary events featuring tasty meals. The Taste of Gracewell campaign will take place from 5th March - 13th March in recognition of Nutrition and Hydration Week, which is held the following week. 

Better nutrition for older people

The talented chefs from each care home will be preparing a variety of healthy meals, welcoming carers, residents, family members and those living in the surrounding area to treat themselves to delicious culinary delights. However, the campaign is about more than providing an opportunity to mingle and enjoy a good meal, but recognising how hard the Gracewell chefs work each day to ensure residents are eating well.

"The Taste of Gracewell campaign gives us the opportunity to recognise the important work of our chefs in ensuring our residents enjoy the highest quality of care," says Amanda Scott, Managing Director.

Residents, families and community members gathered for the fun event.Residents, families and community members will be gathering for the event.

The campaign will provide visitors with a recipe book featuring meals from the Gracewell menu so that visitors can try out some of the nutritious Gracewell meals at home.

A high standard of care

Friends who visit the event will be able to learn about how the Gracewell chefs are dedicated to preparing a daily menu that's not only appetising, but caters to special dietary needs, including dysphagia - difficulty with swallowing. 

"We care for people with a range of conditions, and it's of the utmost importance that every single resident receives exceptional food which meets their individual needs," says Amanda. "Taste of Gracewell will be an excellent way to show everyone how we do this at our homes every day. This is a long way from the traditional image of food in the care sector, and we're looking forward to welcoming everyone to their local Gracewell home to sample the delicious home-cooked food on offer."

At Gracewell care homes, we ensure our residents have nutritious and delicious food available on a daily basis and aren't restricted by their special dietary or physical needs. To learn more about how we can help and to find a location near you, contact us today.