Red Nose Day 2017: 5 fundraising ideas

Gracewell  |  February 17, 2017
Organized by the charity Comic Relief, Red Nose Day is a biennial fundraising event that occurs nationwide.

Organized by the charity Comic Relief, Red Nose Day is a biennial fundraising event that occurs nationwide.

The exciting event is designed to raise funds for vulnerable populations both at home and across Africa. The next festivities will take place on Friday, March 24th, with thousands from all corners of the country engaging in fundraising events, before settling down in the evening to watch the Red Nose Day event on television.

If you are keen to fundraise for this year's Red Nose Day and make a positive difference in people's lives, check out these five fantastic fundraising ideas:

1. Hold a games night
The official website for Red Nose Day suggested holding a games or quiz night for family, friends and colleagues. Create your own quiz questions or break out the board games and get playing. The site advised charging a penalty fee and adding it to the fundraising bucket for any players caught cheating!

2. Get sponsored
Any kind of event that involves sponsorship is a great way to make money, Age UK explained. Some great ideas include a sponsored walk or a sponsored bike ride. For those in good shape, a sponsored run or swim could also be a good idea. 

3. Start baking
Nothing beats a good cake bake - it's fun, easy to organize and best of all, it's absolutely delicious! Hold the cake bake at work, at home or wherever you are, and encourage as many people to contribute as possible. 

Consider holding a cake bake at your place of work.Consider holding a cake bake at your place of work.

4. Dress up
According to Red Nose Day's official website, an exciting and innovate way to raise money is to hold a fancy dress competition at your place of work, or at a party with friends and family. Charge people a small amount to participate and then offer prizes for the best costumes! 

5. Hold a British-themed party
This unusual yet exciting tip comes courtesy of the Alzheimer's Society: Throw a patriotic party that celebrates all things Great Britain! Serve afternoon tea, scones, delicious baked goods and anything else quintessentially British that you can think of. Deck your home and garden out with the Union Jack to add to the atmosphere. Charge a small fee at the door and have your friends pitch in by helping with the baking.