Gracewell Resident Sheila Finds a New Role Helping the Fareham Team to Deliver Washing

Gracewell  |  January 22, 2018

Gracewell resident Sheila has taken on a special new role delivering washing around her home for an hour each day, helping the team immensely and lifting the spirits of other residents. 

Sheila, who lives at Gracewell of Fareham, has found a wonderful purpose working with Fareham’s housekeeper Gloria, and in recognition of her valuable role, Sheila now has her own personal uniform and a name badge to wear during her daily delivery.

As an additional treat, Sheila recently received a little carpet sweep as a present from Gracewell to say thank you for her wonderful work and the important contribution she makes to the Gracewell community.

When Sheila isn’t delivering washing she embraces all aspects of life at Gracewell, sharing her skills with other residents in the arts and crafts sessions and taking part in the quizzes and bingo games.

Sheila has always had this active approach, living an exciting and varied life before joining Gracewell. She worked for the Women’s Royal Navy Service during the war, raised three lovely boys and has always embraced opportunities to sing, dance and socialise.

Jacqui Hampton, Home Manager of Gracewell of Fareham, said:

“We are incredibly lucky to have Sheila as a resident, she is a wonderful and lively member of our home and her help in delivering washing is very much appreciated by our team. Her daily delivery brings so much joy to residents and always puts a huge smile on her face.

“Sheila’s new role is also a wonderful example of a resident living with purpose and we must say a special thank you to Gloria, our fantastic housekeeper, who had the original idea and accompanies Sheila on her daily delivery.”