A Day In The Life Of A Resident Ambassador at Gracewell of Frome

Gracewell  |  August 2, 2017

Resident, Beryl Vincent, has lived at Gracewell of Frome for almost four and a half years. With a determined, bright and enthusiastic character, and having previously worked in the banking industry, Beryl was proud to take on her role as Resident Ambassador after joining Gracewell of Frome.

Beryl wears her Resident Ambassador badge with pride, and the role not only provides invaluable insight and perspective from a residents’ point of view for the leadership team at the home, it gives Beryl a deep sense of value and inclusion.

One of Beryl’s many responsibilities as a Resident Ambassador, is to be actively involved in the recruitment of carers to the home at the interview stage. Beryl is able to discuss with prospective employees the essential needs of residents at Gracewell of Frome, around how team members can support and care for residents.

She regularly attends Resident & Families meetings, and is always on hand to offer families who are choosing Gracewell of Frome as a home for their loved ones, with advice and resident insight. She makes new residents feel welcome as they join the home, and is always proud to show off her very own personalised room. She also attends the monthly meetings held with the Head Chef, to discuss the menus and food options, which are tailored to residents’ needs and desires.

Life really does begin at Gracewell, and alongside her responsibilities as Resident Ambassador, Beryl has been a proud member of the Society Of Disabled Art (SODA). She attended the group at the local church, and has recently done a painting of a carnation, which was exhibited at St John’s Church as part of the Frome Festival.

Despite not previously being from the local area of Frome, Beryl has a real love for the town and the surrounding areas near Gracewell of Frome. She enjoys being able to go to town independently and as an electric wheelchair user, the flat cycle path to town allows Beryl to meander along the river. Alongside engaging with locals in the community, Beryl has also built a real passion for the allotment across the road from Gracewell of Frome, where she spends time with the owners.

When asked what makes Gracewell of Frome so special to Beryl, she commented that it just “feels like home”. The residents are the main priority, and that is why the care is so person centred, and quality of life is enhanced.  When Beryl moved into the home, it was a new, purpose-built building, with so many great features and benefits. Beryl’s view from her bedroom window looks out onto the home’s sensory garden.

Beryl’s commitment and dedication to Gracewell of Frome and everything it stands for is epitomised by the brilliant way in which she carries out her role as Resident Ambassador.