Gracewell of Fareham Couple Celebrate Blue Sapphire Wedding Anniversary

Gracewell  |  August 2, 2018

Betty and Joe Futcher, both residents at Gracewell of Fareham, recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, with a special day surrounded by their family, friends and the Gracewell team members.

The couple, who have lived at the home together since 2016, celebrated the landmark occasion with sandwiches, delicious cake and celebratory champagne, as they toasted to many more years of happy marriage together. 

Betty and Joe first met as teenagers in Camberley, very soon after the end of World War Two. They then married several years later, eventually going on to have a son, Ed, a daughter, Gill, and four wonderful grandchildren – many of whom attended the special event. 

Joe joined the army shortly after the Second World War and later joined the Surrey Police force where he worked for over 30 years, before taking up a role with the Surrey Council. Making the day even more special for Joe, he was joined by Laurie Clarke, an old friend from his army days, who has kept in touch. Betty worked for the local newspaper in Farnham in Surrey, and she retired with her husband in the early 1980’s. 

During their retirement, the couple travelled all over the world, visiting countries far and wide, including the United States to see their son Ed and two granddaughters. 

Kate Heggarty, Home Admissions Advisor at Gracewell of Fareham, said: 

“It was a real honour to be part of Joe and Betty’s 65th Wedding Anniversary celebrations. Their marriage is a true inspiration that soulmates exist and the love they have for each other is beautiful. 

“A huge thank you to the whole Gracewell of Fareham team for hosting a wonderful and memorable event for Joe and Betty’s special day.”