Gracewell of Weymouth Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Gracewell  |  July 20, 2018

Eileen Bourne, a resident at Gracewell of Weymouth, has celebrated her 100th birthday, surrounded by family, friends and the team who all joined to celebrate.

On the special day, Eileen enjoyed a cake, card from the queen and a room filled with balloons and festivities.

Before joining Gracewell of Weymouth, Eileen lived a long and varied life, as a driven business woman. She owned her first shop at the end of World War II, where she sold news, sweets, and convenience goods. Here, she worked six days each week from 7 in the morning until 8 pm at night. Through the years she remained dedicated to work, owning a number of shops including a ladies wear shop and holiday flats, which she converted to residential apartments.

Eileen married Frank Bourne before the second world war and had four children. Though he sadly passed in 1990, her family continued to grow, and she now has six grandchildren, eight great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren.

She is a lover of parties and holidays abroad and is known for being glamorous, family-driven, and having a zest for life.

Esther Sheppard, Home Admission Advisor at Gracewell of Weymouth, said:

“All the team at Gracewell of Weymouth would like to wish a very happy to Eileen" Esther said “I am so pleased Eileen had an amazing day with the staff and her family, seeing how happy Eileen was with everyone around her made everyone’s day.”