Adriano Carvalho shares with us his pride in being Head Chef at Gracewell of Newbury

Adriano Carvalho, Head Chef at Gracewell of Newbury  |  March 15, 2018

For the catering team at Gracewell of Newbury, the feedback from the residents after every meal is really important and we work hard to make sure we can deliver the best possible quality and delicious meals during every dining experience.

Every morning, in the kitchen, we discuss the menu of the day and analyse all the previous feedback we’ve received, to have a clear idea of how we can improve any dish. Only after hearing suggestions from all the chefs, we start cooking the menu for the day. Every dish we prepare is design with the residents in mind.

Taste, colour, presentation and time are all very important to deliver a top-quality dish. This is what we try to achieve with every meal, and with every dining service. Making sure the residents are happy with their meals is the key that keep us going. We just love to hear their comments, “This is so tasty” or “Amazing meal, thank you!”. Our team doesn’t only produce food, we produce happiness!

Finally, during the Taste of Gracewell week at Gracewell of Newbury, we will be promoting our Carvery speciality, with all the trimmings. We will serve a lovely overnight slowed roasted marinated beef, turkey breast cooked in a mix of fresh herbs and sweet roasted vegetables and the classic pork loin roasted with honey and garlic. Everyone is invited to come along and try our lovely cuisine – we’d be delighted to meet you!

Adriano’s passion and love for food and impressing residents with great flavours and tastes every day, is reflected in his latest award wins. Adriano won Best Main Course in the Sunrise and Gracewell’s Chef of the Year competition in 2017, as well as more recently being crowned Regional Finalist of the South East Region of the NACC Chef of the Year competition and gaining Highly Commended Main at the NACC Chef of the Year Competition.