Gracewell Healthcare Announces Partnership with Nymbl Science

Gracewell  |  April 4, 2019

Gracewell Healthcare and Nymbl Science are thrilled to announce their partnership to bring Nymbl’s innovative digital system to Gracewell homes across the country.

Nymbl Science aims to prevent one million falls amongst older adults. With a progressive set of targeted, daily balance exercises designed to be completed in less than 10 minutes, the Nymbl Balance System combines medical science with mobile technology to assess and train balance. Designed to be both fun and effective, its interventions take a dual-tasking approach by combining cognitive challenges and physical exercise and have been validated to significantly improve balance rapidly and cost effectively.

The organisation is based in Colorado, USA and London and was the winner of the Colorado Prime Health Challenge in 2017, as well as having won two Innovate UK Grants. Nymbl is now going from strength to strength in the UK after completing two years of validation trials with Imperial College London to develop the innovative technology.

Nymbl will now be trialled at Gracewell of Salisbury from the end of March initially, with a view to rolling out to more Gracewell homes in the UK, if the pilot is successful.

Joanne Balmer, Senior Director of Care and Quality at Gracewell Healthcare, said:

“Whilst older people are more prone to falling, a lot of falls are preventable. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Nymbl Science to work towards averting them in our homes.

“This is an innovative and forward-looking intervention developed by balance experts that has the capacity to make a real difference. By offering such a wonderful tool, we are looking forward to seeing the results and how it helps further enhance the lives of residents we support.”

Caroline Owen Jones, Co-founder of Nymbl Science, said: 

“Gracewell are demonstrating an outstanding commitment to their community by bringing cutting-edge innovation to improve their residents quality of life. Improving balance means fewer falls and better mobility, bringing independence, dignity and greater choice in the lives of those who take part."