Reunited Once Again: Gracewell of Edgbaston Welcome Stanley and Doreen

Gracewell  |  March 20, 2019

The team at Gracewell of Edgbaston, on Speedwell Road, was delighted to welcome new resident Doreen Wager as she joined her husband Stanley at the care home.

Stanley was transferred to Gracewell of Edgbaston from Tamworth earlier this year. Stanley has a tumour behind his ear, and as a result, his care needs meant he was unable to stay at home alone. He was supported by his wife, Doreen who was his main carer. Unfortunately, after falling and breaking her ankle, Doreen was sent to a hospital in Birmingham to recover whilst Stanley moved into Gracewell of Edgbaston.  

Ever since, Stanley and Doreen’s family have been desperate for the couple to be reunited after spending nearly a month apart. With their 54th wedding anniversary coming up at the end of March, the family hoped that Gracewell could work with the local hospital to get Doreen moved in before the big day.

Thankfully, the team at Gracewell of Edgbaston and everyone at the hospital worked together quickly and efficiently to guarantee a safe move in for Doreen. The couple were understandably emotional upon being reunited and embraced one another once Doreen had settled into her new room.

Jazz Lalli, Home Admissions Advisor at Gracewell of Edgbaston, said:

“We were all delighted to support Doreen with her move to Gracewell of Edgbaston. Doreen and Stanley’s family have been so happy with the communication and efforts of the team in ensuring she received such a warm welcome. After Stanley being ecstatic all day, it was hugely heart-warming for us all to watch the couple meet.

“This was also a lovely day for Gracewell of Edgbaston as Doreen is our very special 50th resident.”