Gracewell Healthcare UK Team Members Shine at US Leadership Conference

Gracewell  |  May 3, 2018

Four dedicated and talented team members who work for Gracewell Healthcare in the UK have been rewarded for their hard work at Gracewell’s prestigious annual leadership conference in the US.

The team members were thrilled to be flown over to the US to attend the vibrant, energetic event, where they were able to share their experiences and great work with one another, and celebrate the jobs that they all love. It is an experience they will never forget. 

The conference is held to recognise the achievements of Gracewell team members across a range of different categories, and team members working in the UK won awards for Quality of Care, Memory Care, Joy in Service, and the Comeback Community.

Here are the four winners from Gracewell Healthcare, and a summary of their great work: 

 Quality of Care Winner - Melanie Jacobs, General Manager at Gracewell of Camberley 

 Mel is an amazing General Manager who has a great capability to remain calm at all times, provide continual reassurance and direction to team members, and go way beyond the call of duty to deliver expert leadership and care. Mel oversaw the transfer of all team members and over 80 residents from Gracewell of Camberley’s old site to its new, modern home, and it was her careful planning and compassionate nature that enabled her terrific team to continue delivering excellence during this time. Mel’s inclusive, supportive approach captures people’s hearts and minds, and fosters a sense of cohesion which has been such a key factor in the home’s success and strong feedback from CQC inspectors. 

 Joy in Service Winner - Jenny Davies, Regional Head of Care and Nursing, Gracewell Healthcare  

Jenny always goes the extra mile to support homes in quality improvement. She has built strong relationships with team members at all levels, and is passionate about sharing best practice and helping colleagues to improve and achieve their best. All of the homes that Jenny oversees are rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, and she continually strives to promote Gracewell’s core values in her daily work, including a person-centred approach to care, freedom of choice, and independence for all residents. 

 Memory Care Leader Award Winner - Francis Bosompim, Area Care Coordinator, Gracewell Healthcare  

Francis has a great passion for understanding the impact of dementia on the residents living in his neighbourhood, and leads by example in the person-centred relationship that he develops with residents. Francis is committed to continually developing his knowledge and skills around dementia care, and recently completed a BSc degree in Dementia Studies at Bradford University while simultaneously having the role of Area Care Co-ordinator at Gracewell. On the completion of his studies, Francis was awarded the ‘Dr Trevor Jarvis Award’ by the university for his outstanding contribution to adult learning in dementia studies. Francis is an inspiration to his team, showing by example what excellent person-centred relationships look like in practice. 

 Comeback Community Award Winner - Jacqui Hampton, General Manager at Gracewell of Fareham 

As soon as team members at Gracewell of Fareham had concluded their interview with Jacqui 18 months ago, they knew they had found someone special. Facing challenges such as high levels of team turnover, and compliance and regulatory issues, Jacqui brought her team around her within a month, clearly communicated the task ahead, and embarked on an upward path that she described as “the journey”. She has faced each and every day with humour, determination, pride, and above all grace. The results of Jacqui’s efforts have been stability and calm, a clean bill of health from the Regulator, significantly improved standards of care, and a really positive culture throughout the home. Despite the improvements she has led, Jacqui never rests on her laurels, and always seeks new ways to learn and enhance standards, something that the home will continue to benefit from in the months and years ahead.