Gracewell of Bath Celebrates 1st Birthday With Special Afternoon Party

Gracewell  |  May 1, 2018

Gracewell of Bath recently celebrated its 1st birthday in style with a special afternoon of celebrations including entertainment, party games, birthday cakes and champagne for residents and guests to enjoy.

The celebratory afternoon got off to a strong start with a ‘Golden Toes Seated Exercise Class’; a fun interactive class which was designed to work guests’ upper body and offer some excellent entertainment. The class included singing, a dance performance and interactive activities, all specially designed to ensure that those with limited mobility could easily join in. 

The class was followed by some delicious refreshments, including champagne and beautifully decorated birthday cakes, prepared by the talented dining team at Gracewell of Bath. The homes’ sous chef, Nick, paraded the cakes around and handed them out to guests to celebrate the special anniversary. 

There were also lots of fun games for team members, guests and residents to join in with, including a lively game of pass the parcel which was a particular highlight. 

To round off a lovely day, all guests received party bags filled with sweeties and other goodies, ending a great first year at the care home on a high note.

Carol Britton, Gracewell of Bath’s General Manager, said: 

“We were delighted to celebrate our first birthday with such a fantastic afternoon. We’ve had a wonderful first year and we celebrated it in true Gracewell style. A huge thank you must go to our amazing dining team, who really went above and beyond to prepare some delicious food for the occasion, and all those who helped to make the day so memorable. 

“I feel incredibly lucky to work at Gracewell of Bath and as we reach our first birthday I’d also like to say a special thank you to all our team members and residents who make Gracewell of Bath such a wonderful and happy place to live and work.”