Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield’s Deputy Manager Shares a Glimpse Into Her Nursing Career

Gracewell  |  May 10, 2018

Gill Dunn is a registered nurse and Deputy Manager at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield. As part of International Nurses Day (12th May), she’s shared a snapshot of her career in nursing.

Name: Gill Dunn

Home: Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield

How long have you worked at Gracewell?  I joined Gracewell on 3rd January 2017 and we received our first resident on 30th January 2017.

Why did you become a nurse? With the exception of a brief period as a child when I wanted to join a convent after watching The Sound of Music, I have always wanted to be a nurse. I have many photographs of me as a child in my nurse’s uniform covering my parents in plasters on Christmas mornings. This passion came to fruition when I completed my nurse training at the then Dudley Road Hospital in Birmingham in the late 1970s, and I have worked in the role continuously ever since.

Why did you decide to work at a care home? I have worked in various settings and gained experience in several specialities but have always enjoyed building special relationships with older people. This inspired me to join BUPA in the 1990’s, which is where I met the current General Manager at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield, Sarah Diamond, who was then the Home Manager of BUPA. I really enjoy the way that working in a care home gives us the opportunity to enhance residents’ quality of life on a daily basis.

What is the most rewarding part of being a nurse at Gracewell? I love my role at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield. We have a fantastic team and some really interesting residents living here. It is fabulous to listen to their life stories. I am very passionate about memory care and we are looking at new and innovative ideas to enable residents to live well with dementia. I facilitate a Reach Out Café each month to support the families of residents living with dementia, and this is very rewarding. I have the chance to get to know families, residents and their life stories. This enables us to make a difference and deliver person-centred care in its true form. We give so much of ourselves to residents but get far more back in how rewarding our job is.

What is your favourite resident story or memory? One of my most special memories involves one of our residents with a cognitive impairment, who use to enjoy scuba diving. We invited a local diving school to visit him several months ago and share stories, and they brought a range of old and new diving equipment for him to look at. It was a very special moment for both the resident and the diving instructor, and both ended up in tears along with the team members in attendance.