Meet Gracewell of Bookham’s Resident Ambassador, Terry

Gracewell  |  May 19, 2020

Terry Medley is the Resident Ambassador at Gracewell of Bookham. He acts as a voice for residents, representing their views and offering feedback and advice to the team.

Terry was born in 1930 in South London, he spent the wartime years in North Devon. His father was an army officer and his mother was a civil servant. Terry spent his years in education in Effingham and Brixton, he was then a Senior Marine Economist for a large part of his career.

For a year and a half, Terry served in the Royal Navy as part of his National Service. He had a wonderful marriage to his late wife Barbara for almost 60 years.

Terry has been a resident at Gracewell of Bookham since December 2017 and soon after he move in, he became the Resident Ambassador. Terry said:

“I am often asked to meet with potential new residents and their families to talk about what it’s like to call Gracewell home and give insight on daily life here. I also assist the team with interviewing new members of staff.

“I feel my opinion is valued and the voice of us as residents is really taken into account when making decisions.”

Gracewell of Bookham Resident, Tricia Gardner, said:

“Having Terry as an Ambassador provides a link for residents, management and careers to have good communication and the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts”

Harry Garston, General Manager at Gracewell of Bookham, added:

“Terry is a key personality in our home and takes his role of officially representing the views of the residents very seriously. He is quick to offer feedback and advice which makes him invaluable in developing our service.”

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