Gracewell of Bookham trials Norwegian technology that helps residents exercise while ‘visiting’ locations around the world

Gracewell  |  November 26, 2018

Gracewell of Bookham has this week (15 November) starting using exciting new Norwegian technology that encourages residents to get moving, and lets them see parts of the world from the comfort of their armchair.

Motiview, an easy-to-use, motivational technology, is being trialed at Gracewell of Bookham for a three month period and residents are already enjoying using them. Through a combination of sensory impression and physical activity, the cycling equipment has the ability to transport its user to places they have been in their past, and bring memories back to life.

The bikes have been made to help older people remain active and fit, and have also benefitted those with dementia, helping them relive their past. This new idea has already further improved the wellbeing of residents at Gracewell of Bookham and has empowered them to do more activities. The idea behind the technology is to motivate exercise and movement and provide cognitive stimulation for all residents, including those living with memory loss.

The bikes are said to have a wide range of benefits for those who use it: less pain, improved mobility, reduction of injury, speeding up recovery from injury and better sleep and appetite.

Asa Johnson, Project Manager for Activities and Memory Care, said:

“Motiview is a wonderful idea that every residential care home should start using to revitalise their residents. This technology takes residents back into their past and to see their joy as they reminisce on fond memories while doing something that benefits their physical health, is a very special thing. This Motiview trial is just one of the many initiatives that we as an organisation are implementing to help residents, and forms part of our ongoing enriched memory care programme that also allows residents living with dementia to further improve quality of life and live well for longer.”