Emily’s Story: Her Grandparents’ journey with Gracewell of Woking

Gracewell  |  November 14, 2019

Recently, my grandmother Pam was taken into hospital with an infection and blood clots. Worryingly, her health declined rapidly and so we as family had to make the decision to move Pam into a care home with 24-hour dedicated care. Wanting to make an informed a choice as possible, we soon chose Gracewell of Woking as we were confident that the care on offer would be second to none.

Sadly, we were told that Pam did not have long to live. We decided we would like her to spend her last days at Gracewell in comfort and surrounded by family, and so in August 2018, Pam moved to Gracewell of Woking for specialised end-of-life-care.

Although Pam was also living with dementia, her nursing needs rapidly outweighed the associated care and at this stage, she became bedbound in the palliative care unit on the ground floor. However, after a few weeks we noticed a marked difference in Pam thanks to Gracewell’s unwavering care – she started opening her eyes, chatting to us and gaining more of an appetite.

One morning, Pam made an effort to stand up and we called the nurses in to assist her. Pam’s husband Tom was at that moment visiting her at the home and Pam whispered to me that all she wanted was to dance with him.

From then onwards, Pam began making great progress and was now up every single day, getting stronger and stronger. At a care plan review meeting with the nurses, we decided she would be better off in the Memory Care Neighbourhood, due to her severe dementia. With  Pam gaining mobility and living with blindness, we all agreed that this would be in her best interest.

Soon after, Pam’s husband Tom was rushed to hospital with a fracture after a fall at home. Due to his Parkinson’s disease, he could not cope at home alone and so moved in with Pam at Gracewell of Woking for his recovery. Tom was reassured to be at Gracewell – he knew he would be well looked after and would also get the chance to spend as much time with Pam.

My family and I could not be happier with the care that Pam and Tom are both receiving at Gracewell. Team members are dedicated and caring, and we can truly sleep easy at night knowing they are in the best place possible whilst still getting to spend time with one another.

Pam even now on occasion provides great entertainment to the residents with her singing and dancing!

Thank you to Gracewell of Woking for all your continued care, time and support.