Gracewell of Weymouth’s wishing well makes residents dreams come true

Gracewell  |  October 10, 2019

Gracewell of Weymouth has been making residents’ wishes come true, bringing a musical to the care home and publishing a collection of poems for another resident.

The care home has a ‘wishing well’ where any resident can place a wish and the Gracewell team do their best to make it come true. The team encourage residents to ask for whatever they want and the requests are wide-ranging as the following examples show.

Recently two wishes have come true for residents Eileen and Jack. Eileen spent her youth enjoying music with her husband – going to the theatre and watching concerts. Therefore, the team were not surprised that she used the wishing well to express a desire to go and see a musical. Home Admissions Advisor Esther Sheppard got to work and found a performer who could sing songs from musicals and put on a Musical Matinee afternoon in the Gracewell Bistro. Eileen attended the afternoon with her daughter Michelle and son in law, she remarked, ‘it was absolutely brilliant, better than I could have imagined’.

Resident Jack had always written poems for as long as he could remember. His passion in life is going through his poems and reading them to family, friends and team members, so his wish was for his collection of poems to be put together in a book. General Manager Yaneke Davey took up this wish and printed the poems in a hardback book. Jack was delighted with his anthology.

Esther Sheppard, Home Admissions Advisor for Gracewell of Weymouth, said:

“We got the red carpet out for Eileen and decorated the bistro so it felt extra special, it was a wonderful afternoon and great to see all the residents singing along.

“We are always looking at the different ways we can keep our residents entertained and the wishing well is a great way for our residents to have input into the events we run.”