Gracewell Residents Celebrate 72nd Wedding Anniversary

Gracewell  |  October 15, 2019

Ken and Maisie Dickinson, 92 and 89 years old respectively, recently celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary at Gracewell of Fareham, Hampshire.


The couple married in 1947 in Elson Church - when Maisie was just 17 years old - having met at a dance.  Ken was from Yorkshire and served in the Navy and Maisie was originally from Ireland, though they settled in Hampshire living in a house built by Ken for most of their married life.


They say that the success to a long and happy marriage is all about giving and the best part has been having their children.  When asked what the best thing about living at Gracewell was, they replied, “We see it as being on a long holiday together”.

Ken and Maisie owned a hardware store in Fareham and have one son and three daughters who all still live locally.  Ken used to enjoy playing golf and they both previously played bowls.  Residents and team members at Gracewell of Fareham were excited to wish them a wonderful day in celebration.