Meet One of Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield’s Founding Members

Gracewell  |  September 21, 2020

Susan is 91 years young and one of Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield’s founding residents, having moved in just five weeks after the care home opened in 2017. Susan wanted to share her journey with other people who may be considering the prospect of moving into a care home.

Susan used to live in West Yorkshire, in between Leeds and Bradford. She said:

“When my husband passed away it was a terrible shock to the system, and it became apparent that I needed support of some description. I made every effort to remain as independent as possible and I would attempt to do the gardening and trim the hedges but this resulted in a couple of falls and even though my neighbours were wonderful, I started to feel as though I was becoming a liability.

“Whilst I loved my home and community, I knew I needed to think pragmatically about my future.

”I find that being in a position to make the decision for myself was not only very empowering, but it also alleviated the burden and angst from my family and friends.”

Susan has two children, one son who lives in Scotland and one who lives in Birmingham, where her Granddaughter and Great Grandchildren also live. Susan explained what led her to Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield:

“After much deliberation I decided to move to Birmingham. I then handed the reigns over to my family to investigate homes in the local area and they had some strict instruction from me as I knew what I wanted and more importantly what I didn’t want.

“My Great Grandson could see the cranes that were building Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield from his bedroom window so of course this was top on the list of places to see! You see Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield had just finished being built when my family started the search, so the timing was perfect.”

“The family made an appointment to visit Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield; they had a list of questions and prerequisites from me. They knew instantaneously that it was the right place for me and so they made the provision to have me assessed with the view that I would be one of Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield’s founding members.”

Susan thanked the team at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield for remaining dedicated, cheerful, and optimistic during the Covid-19 pandemic. She explained what life at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield is like:

“Wonderful. It is truly wonderful. My bedroom is light and spacious, luckily my family had a choice of rooms. My room is on the front of the building and I very much enjoy being able to watch the world go by.”

“I am a bit of an introvert, thus I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, so the fact I was able to personalise my room with my belongings really helped me to feel at home. There is a whole array of activities of which you have the choice whether you partake in them or not.

“The team who I have grown to know very well and vice versa respect my wishes, values and independence and give me the freedom I need when it comes to decision making.”

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