Gracewell of Adderbury

Meet our team

It is the people who make our home a truly happy and caring one.

At Gracewell of Adderbury, we have recruited an experienced team of dedicated professionals, all of whom undergo our own in-depth training programme. Just as in every other Gracewell home, the whole team works to make sure that our residents' needs are constantly being identified and that truly personalised care is provided.

Arlene Acuavera- General Manager - Gracewell of Adderbury

Arlene Acuavera, General Manager

My name is Arlene, I started in the company in 2017 and I am delighted to have joined the team at Gracewell of Adderbury in 2020 as a General Manager. I’ve worked in Healthcare industry for many years. Helping and giving care to people has always been my passion and making a difference to their lives, this is a great achievement for me. As a General Manager, I am excited about bringing a diverse and inclusive team together that is committed to deliver an exceptional care to our residents, welcoming the community into our home, delivering a high standard care and working with our residents and their families. I believe the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.

Joleen Yeung- Deputy Manager - Gracewell of Adderbury

Joleen Yeung, Deputy Manager

I joined Gracewell in 2020 and have worked passionately as part of the team to ensure our residents receive the excellent quality of care they deserve. I hold a bachelor of nursing qualification and am registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council. I am a qualified mentor and have attained a manager’s qualification, QCF Level 5 in Health and Social Care. Prior to joining the company I have worked 7 years as the manager in a dual registered home providing both nursing and residential care. I look forward to pursuing the vocation that I am passionate about, in service to our lovely residents.

Monica Benea- Clinical Nurse Manager - Gracewell of Adderbury

Monica Benea, Clinical Nurse Manager

My Gracewell journey started in 2019 as a bank Nurse and this year I have decided to join as a Clinical Nurse Manager full time, I really enjoy working for Gracewell of Adderbury because it is so well structured, we have a great support system and training for Nurses is exceptional. Every day here at Gracewell of Adderbury there is a new challenge, but it keeps me on my toes and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for our lovely residents and my lovely team.

Steve Ward - Home Admissions Advisor - Gracewell of Adderbury

Steve Ward, Home Admissions Advisor

Having joined the company back in 2018 I have spent the last 3 years supporting families and residents through the transition of moving into Gracewell Healthcare. It can often be a very difficult time for all involved, my role is to support your needs and ensure that as a leading care provider we are on hand to provide the best service we can. Our team provide a warm and welcoming environment for all and in what has been a difficult time in recent months as a community we have continued to stay strong and have enjoyed welcoming new residents and families into our home. As an avid sports fan teamwork is the key to success and both myself and colleagues are on hand to support you through this journey.

Fiona Coggins - Hospitality Manager - Gracewell of Adderbury

Fiona Coggins, Hospitality Manager

Having supported Gracewell of Adderbury as Head Chef I have recently took on the role as Hospitality Manager. Having managed the kitchen team during my time here I now oversee and support our kitchen and housekeeping team across the community. I have worked in the catering industry for 32 years with 20 of those years spent working within the care sector. I also carry years of management experience alongside cooking, meaning I can bring the very best out of my team. Gracewell of Adderbury is a very friendly caring home and I feel privileged and proud to be part of the team.

Lauren Power - COVID Co-ordinator and Senior Carer - Gracewell of Adderbury

Lauren Power, COVID Co-ordinator and Senior Carer

As a Senior Carer I have supported Adderbury for the last 12 months in a role that was designed for the COVID-19 Pandemic. As COVID Co-ordinator I have overseen and managed all testing schedules for both staff and families and have been on hand to support our visiting structures as our community opens back up to regular visits. I had previously worked in another Gracewell Community as Senior Carer and enjoy being part of the Adderbury team.

Stacey Pretorius- Receptionist and Home Administrator - Gracewell of Adderbury

Stacey Pretorius, Receptionist and Home Administrator

I have been working in Gracewell of Adderbury for over 3 years now, and during that time I supported both our reception team and administrative team. I am now supporting the home as Administrator so am looking forward to the new challenge whilst still continuing to support all of families as we welcome them back into our home.

Rosemary Gibbard  - Activities Co-ordinator

Rosemary Gibbard, Activities Co-Ordinator

My name is Rosemary and I have been with Gracewell of Adderbury since we opened. I have previously worked as an Activities Co-ordinator for 8 years, and really enjoy spending time with all of our residents and families. Every day I organise a variety of activities to suit all, from singing and dancing to arts & crafts throughout the week and weekends. I really enjoy seeing the reactions on all of our residents faces, knowing I'm making a difference to their day.

Steve Kinch - Maintenance Manager

Steve Kinch, Maintenance Manager

As Maintenance Manager my role is to deal with any maintenance issues that may arise. I have been in the home since we first opened our doors and it is a pleasure to be able to work in such a lovely home with caring, friendly staff. I have worked as a Maintenance manager for the last 5 years in another care home but prior to this I worked in the printing industry.

Helena Maroney- Senior Carer and Dementia Specialist - Gracewell of Adderbury

Helena Maroney, Memory Care Lead

My Gracewell journey began in April 2017, where I have continued to work and support our Lakeside Memory Care Household. I provide training and support to our Memory Care team to help provide a better understanding of what our residents need. Dementia does not discriminate and my role includes creating tailor made care plans to suit each resident but also act as point of call for our families in providing the on-going support we all need.

Francesca Crooks - Receptionist - Gracewell of Adderbury

Francesca Crooks, Receptionist

Having joined the team in 2020 I am on hand to support our residents and families when visiting our home. I enjoy spending time with the residents in the bistro and has been lovely to finally meet our families and we welcome visitors back into the home.

Olivia Belcher  - Home Administrator

Olivia Belcher, Home Administrator

I have worked within this industry as a Care Home Administrator for 4 years and joined Gracewell in November 2017. I very much enjoy working within the care sector and making a difference every day, whether it be large or small. Should you require any assistance, myself and my reception team will always be here to help at anytime, so please feel free to ask. Currently away from the home.