Gracewell of Adderbury

Meet our team

It is the people who make our home a truly happy and caring one.

At Gracewell of Adderbury, we have recruited an experienced team of dedicated professionals, all of whom undergo our own in-depth training programme. Just as in every other Gracewell home, the whole team works to make sure that our residents' needs are constantly being identified and that truly personalised care is provided.

Arlene Acuavera, Deputy Manager

Arlene Acuavera, General Manager

My name is Arlene, I'm the General Manager at Adderbury. I am responsible for the management of the care and I have very high standards and expect the same from the team. I have a background in nursing and have worked in Health Care for the past 7 years. Helping and giving care to people has always been my passion and making a difference to their lives, this is a great achievement for me.

Steve Ward - Home Admissions Advisor

Steve Ward, Home Admissions Advisor

My name is Steve Ward and I'm the Home Admission Advisor for Gracewell of Adderbury. We have a fantastic team of staff who work above and beyond to ensure we provide consistency and care standards that are well recognised both locally and nationally, supporting our exceptional facilities and bespoke care plans that we have in place. My role is to ensure all of our prospective residents and families have a smooth transition into Adderbury, answering any questions that you have, and making sure your journey with Gracewell starts in the best possible way. I look forward to meeting you all.

Olivia Belcher  - Home Administrator

Olivia Belcher, Home Administrator 

I have worked within this industry as a Care Home Administrator for 4 years and joined Gracewell in November 2017. I very much enjoy working within the care sector and making a difference every day, whether it be large or small. Should you require any assistance, myself and my reception team will always be here to help at anytime, so please feel free to ask.

Steve Kinch - Maintenance Manager

Steve Kinch, Maintenance Manager

As Maintenance Manager my role is to deal with any maintenance issues that may arise. It is a pleasure to be able to work in such a lovely home with caring, friendly staff. I have worked as a Maintenance manager for the last 5 years in another care home but prior to this I worked in the printing industry.

Stacey Pretorius - Head Receptionist

Stacey Pretorius, Receptionist 

I have been with Gracewell of Adderbury for just over a year, and have really enjoyed getting to know all of our residents and families. My role as Head Receptionist is to ensure I can provide and assist you with any questions that you have. I look forward to welcoming you to our home.
Rosemary Gibbard  - Activities Co-ordinator

Rosemary Gibbard, Activities Co-ordinator 

My name is Rosemary and I have been with Gracewell of Adderbury since we opened. I have previously worked as an Activities Co-ordinator for 8 years, and really enjoy spending time with all of our residents and families. Every day I organise a variety of activities to suit all, from Singing and Dancing to Arts & Crafts throughout the week and weekends. I really enjoy seeing the reactions on all of our residents faces, knowing I'm making a difference to their day.

Fiona Coggins  - Head Chef

Fiona Coggins, Head Chef 

I am the Head Chef here at Gracewell of Adderbury and operate our kitchen and hospitality teams in our home. I have worked in the catering industry for 32 years with 20 of those years spent working within the care sector. I also carry years of management experience alongside cooking, meaning I can bring the very best out of my team. Here at Gracewell we aim to provide high quality food and hospitality to all of our residents throughout the day, with freshly prepared meals, and choices of cakes and bakeries provided throughout the home. Gracewell of Adderbury is a very friendly caring home and I feel privileged and proud to be part of the team. I look forward to meeting you.

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