Gracewell of Chingford

Dining at Gracewell of Chingford


Nutritious food, fine dining

We know that good food makes people happy. So we make sure everyone's personal preferences and dietary requirements are catered for in our care home.

We also use the best possible ingredients, including meat from our local butcher and produce from our local greengrocer, as well as local baked goods.

What’s more, we can tell you the precise nutritional value of every single dish we produce in our kitchens.

As well as serving three delicious meals every day, we make sure our residents have easy access to snacks and drinks throughout the day and night. Proper nutrition and hydration is essential to health and wellbeing. For residents who are living with dysphagia, the medical term for difficulty in swallowing, we create food that is not only easy to eat, but also looks and tastes appealing.

Call us to see what we have on the menu today. Better still, why not come and sample our food for yourself?