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Meet Our Team

It is the people who make our home a truly happy and caring one.

At Gracewell of High Wycombe, we are recruiting an experienced team of dedicated professionals, all of whom will undergo our own in-depth training programme. Just as in every other Gracewell home, the whole team works to make sure that our residents' needs are constantly being identified and that truly personalised care is provided.

Rozina Ali, General Manager

High Wycombe - Rozina Ali

I'm a Qualified Registered General Nurse and did my MSc in Social Policy, Planning and Management from the London School of Economics. Besides achieving various qualifications at the Level 6 on clinical subjects from Thames Valley University in Dementia Care, Tissue Viability Nursing, Diabetes Care, Management and Mentorship, I've gained vast experience of Managing Care Homes in the UK through working with various institutions. 

My leadership roles have been mainly focused in maintaining and achieving the dignity and quality of life for elderly residents through planning and executing excellent care and achieving clinical outcomes in line with current regulations. I thrive on promoting and developing care teams to achieve optimum and excellent care for residents. 

Paulo Ilustrisimo, Deputy Manager

High Wycombe - Paulo IlustrisimoI have over 20 years' experience as a registered nurse, I have worked in intensive care and in complex care as a clinical lead nurse. I champion myself in neuro disabilities i.e. Spinal injuries, Multiple Systemic atrophy, Parkinson's, Motor Neuron Disease and Stroke I have worked in care homes as a deputy manager which is where I found my passion lies being around the older generation and caring for residents with cognitive impairment. My approach is person centred, each of our residents are individuals and I want us to provide them with the best care experience which is as unique as they are. I am looking forward to working alongside all my team members but most importantly getting to know my residents and their families.

Hayley Devereaux, Home Admissions Advisor

Hayley DevereauxI have worked at the home for over 3 years now, I was the first person to start when it was still a building site,  We have welcomed many residents from all different walks of life into our home which then becomes their home. The home is beautiful and has a wonderful atmosphere, as soon as you walk through the door you can just feel it and I love working here. The best part of my day is walking round in the morning and seeing all the residents. I continuously look forward to welcoming in our new residents and getting to know them as well as meeting families looking for support and guidance to be able to offer the best solution for them to become a part of our Gracewell family.  I feel tremendously privileged to be working for our home which is paramount in providing the best possible care. We also work very closely with the local Palliative teams so can become your forever home.

Lynette Lovell-Shippey, Clinical Nurse Manager

High Wycombe - Lynette Lovell-ShippeyI am a registered nurse with over 20 years experience providing care in the community, hospital setting, with the elderly and dementia. I am committed to providing the best quality of care possible and to help the team to achieve their potential. I love working with people and their well being is very important to me.

Gabby Vasile, Clinical Nurse Manager

Gabby VasileI have over 31 years of experience as a registered nurse, I am a very dedicated, kind, compassionate and reliable person. I have worked in an Infectious Diseases Department as a Clinical Lead Nurse for 25 years, were I led an amazing team, working together into eradication and treatment of infectious diseases. For the last six years I have molded my career by proven experience efficiently and effectively in the nursing home area. Gracewell has definitely given me the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment that brings out the best in people. I believe that my experience while working here has definitely benefited the residents as well as my own morality. I like working with people, taking care of my wonderful residents because I love and I believe in them.

Marius Vlad, Senior Care Assistant

Marius VladI have worked at Gracewell of High Wycombe for 2 years and I have bonded a good relationship with all work colleagues and have loved every moment looking after all residents here.  I have looked after mainly residents with dementia and end of life and I can say it is a very rewarding atmosphere. You learn a lot about adult healthcare as you go and I am proud to be working here! With a very supportive team and always making sure we fulfil all care needs to all residents.

Carol Chapman, Senior Care Assistant

High Wycombe - Carol ChapmanMy Passion is for care.  Working at Gracewell is extremely rewarding, I love the residents and every day I see them my passion for them and my job grows just like a flower. I love gardening especially since I built my own greenhouse. I love being outdoors and enjoy going cycling

Taylor-Drew Thomson, Senior Care Assistant

Taylor-Drew ThomsonBeing a carer isn't something that is a job to me , being a carer to me is walking into the home everyday and looking after residents who are very much my family. I have met and looked after the most interesting and amazing residents that have shown me a whole new perspective on life. Gracewell has given me the opportunity to discover my passion and enhance my skills in a year that I've been here, in ways that I would never have before.

Everyday at Gracewell is a different but good day , I look forward to working with my team and being taught valuable skills to help look after the most vulnerable in our community. Gracewell has an important role in my life and I've been very grateful for all the opportunities they have given me while I've been here and continue on my path as a carer.

Louise Burton, Team Leader

Louise BurtonHi I’m Louise and I’ve been working for Gracewell’s for nearly 2 years. I started as a carer and have worked my way up to being a Team Leader. I mainly work with residents living with dementia and on end of life care. I love my job and it gives me great satisfaction in helping the residents in achieving a better quality of life for them.

Alex Vasile, Activities co-ordinator

Alex VasileHi, I am Alex, and I am delighted to be part of the team. I have graduated in Event Management at Coventry University. A year and a half after, I have decided to put in practice both my studies and my creativity in bringing smiles on our residents' faces. Between my dance moves and crafting, I will work on entertaining my new friends, bringing joy and amusement into their day to day routine. My role is to keep alive the memory and joy of their past professions, interest, and hobbies, by supporting each individual and their needs through tailored activities.

Sharon Carter, Head Housekeeper


This is my first care home position although I have been a hotel and conference centre head housekeeper for the past few years.  I lead a team of housekeepers dedicated in making sure the highest standards of cleanliness are met at all times and that our residents are in a clean, safe and happy environment.

Darren Power, Head Chef

Darren PowerI’m Darren Power, I am the Head Chef at Gracewell. I have been a Chef for 31 years, I started as a Chef at the Hilton Hotel and worked 14 years for the company. I began as a trainee Chef and moved up to a Senior Sous Chef. I did many events including huge concerts, Euro 96 and FA Cups. I have cooked for several famous people including Don King and the 1998 French world cup football team. I have worked for over 15 years in the Care industry as a Head Chef, Hotel Service Manager and a Regional Head Chef working in around 50 care homes in the South East. I am very much looking forward to working at Gracewell of High Wycombe. The resident’s needs and nutrition are at the forefront of my priorities and ensuring their needs are met whilst maintaining a high standard within the Gracewell organisation.

Reece Thomas, Maintenance Manager

Reece ThomasI am extremely excited to be working at Gracewell of High Wycombe, although this is my first care home position I have worked in the building and maintenance industry for most of my working life and I pride myself in giving our residents a comfortable and safe place to live. It is also great to be part of a wonderful team & involved in this caring home.

Priya Bagga, Home Administrator

Priya BaggaHi, I'm Priya and I am the Home Administrator at Gracewell of High Wycombe. I am responsible for supporting staff, residents and their families with HR and Finance related queries. I am also responsible for looking after the reception area ensuring everyone has a warm attentive welcome and managing all the calls that come into the home. Prior to joining, I worked for Surrey County Council for 3 years in a home that specialises in Dementia, I was also a dementia Champion there.

Dawn, Resident Ambassador 

DawnI’m Dawn and I am a resident at Gracewell of High Wycombe and have been here for 2 ½ years. Originally I came from Sussex and then moved to Marlow in 1964 for my husband’s job. My  husband sadly passed away in 2017, the house and my large garden were too much too cope with on my own, I spoke with the family and decided to move in to Gracewell in Lane End as it is close to Marlow and has meant I could keep in contact with my friends. I have enjoyed my time living here, I have been very happy and had the opportunity to meet lots of other people. There are lots of things to do, we have entertainers coming in, a great library and a wonderful garden.

I could recommend my home to anyone.

Cyril, Resident Ambassador 

CyrilI am 87 years old, I was born in the Peak District, I studied and became a chartered engineer and did this for most of my life, I became the company director of Taylor Woodrow and was there for many years, retiring at the age of 60 years, I kept busy in my own home, I was a very keen gardener and was able to carry out all our own home maintenance, I became a member of the Downley Commons Preservation Society, I moved in to Gracewell just over a year ago with my wife Ellen who I have been married to for 67 years.  I am the resident ambassador my role is to be an ear for the residents and to chat to them and resolve any problems although I must say there are very few.  I support residents on knowing what's available to them and if there are any issues I talk to the management who will resolve very quickly to ensure our home is enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.

*Any data and information submitted will not be shared outside of Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare, our senior living and luxury care home offerings.

Access to our homes: latest information

We continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis, following public health advice. We've a detailed set of criteria to inform when an individual home can be reopened safely to limited visiting either by families of existing residents or by potential new residents who may want to view one of our homes. The majority of our homes are open for admissions.

As part of our approach to reopening for visitors, we'll be operating in a very different way. To minimise the risk of infection we've produced a safety guide. We'll continue to follow public health advice to determine when visits will return to normal and will continue to do our best to support residents to keep in touch with loved ones.

Latest Information