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A guide to choosing care for the whole family

It can be a difficult, challenging time when you're looking for the right care.
To help with choosing the right care home, we've put together a short family guide. This guide is a helpful overview of the key points to consider when choosing a care home.


Do your research

Look wider than the internet. Talk to professionals, talk to other people who've gone through the same thing and make a shortlist of the homes you want to visit. Talk to Gracewell if you need guidance. You can also check out our FAQs.


Understand the financial implications 

Each Gracewell home has indicative fee information on their section of the Gracewell website - all care home providers must now display pricing on their website. We can also provide general information on the different methods of providing care, although we always recommend you talk to an independent financial advisor.


Visit and compare care homes

We're always happy to see you at any Gracewell care home and to show you around and meet with our carers and management team. Yet, you'd be surprised how many people don't have time to consider the options.


‘At very short notice the admissions process was dealt with and all was smooth and hassle-free. My aunt was quickly attended to and made to feel very comfortable and at ease quickly. The staff were second to none and just couldn’t do enough for her and at times went over and above their normal duties to please her.’

Julie G, Niece of Resident at Gracewell of Edgbaston


Obtain an assessment from medical professionals or social services

Whether you are self-funded or not, it is always worth talking to your local Social Services as the assessment and information they can provide are likely to be very helpful in your decision-making.


Identify the best possible location for you and your family

For some people, it's crucial to live close to their loved ones, to make regular visits easier. Is the care home easily accessible, by road and train? Are there shops and other facilities nearby?


Meeting cultural and social needs

Another important element of selection is finding the right community of people that you will enjoy living with on a day-to-day basis. And a home that can accommodate your dietary requirements and personal preferences.


Focus on personal care

It is important to consider how important the personal touch is to you. You may wish to consider the ratio of carers to residents that you feel suits your needs. Does the home create bespoke lifestyle arrangements, or are residents expected to adapt to a general routine?


Keeping active and involved

How important is an active lifestyle? What facilities, programmes and event calendars are in place? Are residents expected to follow and participate in everything or to what degree can they create an individual activity programme with like-minded people?


Level of independence

What is the care philosophy, both in theory and in practice? How does the care home maximise independence for residents? What evidence is there that people are fully supported to lead as independent a life as possible? Can residents come and go as they please? How accommodating is the care home about residents making personal arrangements for trips, events and family activities?


Excellent communications

What is the type and level of interaction between staff, residents, families and the community? How do people talk to each other: is it always an open-door policy, with multiple avenues of communication open? How flexible is the care home about your communication preferences?


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