Care home vs Home care

Everyone's care needs are different - at Gracewell we want you to be informed about the benefits of moving to a care home, but also consider if home care is appropriate.

Older adults across the country put their trust in Gracewell to enable the best possible quality of life. Our teams deliver optimal care for individuals, an environment that creates community and nutrition provided by experts.

We've created a side-by-side comparison to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Care and wellbeing

Care in a supportive community has several benefits when compared to care within your own home. Gracewell provides the right level of care, at the right time, for you or your loved ones.


  • 24/7 access to staff - delivering security and peace of mind
  • Develop relationships with carers - consistent and highly trained carers in all homes
  • Nursing, Dementia, Residential and Respite care all available - catering for all needs under one roof
  • Quality end-of-life care - making a difficult time manageable
  • Assistance scheduling and attending GP and other appointments

Home care

  • Carers may change across shifts
  • End-of-life care may require a hospital or hospice move at additional cost
  • Family helps schedule and attend GP and other appointments


Our care homes are perfectly placed and deliberately designed to enable the best possible life for older adults.


  • Gracewell homes are located near amenities and transport - making visiting and living in the area a stress-free endeavour
  • Safe, caring, and stimulating community for residents
  • Visits from family and friends are welcomed and encouraged - the wider community is an extension of the Gracewell community.

Home care

  • Reliance on family to access local services
  • Additional safety support aids often required
  • Limited companionship from daily visitors or live-in carers

Food and nutrition

Gracewell's dining is of a very high-standard, expertly created for our residents and focused on individual nutritional requirements.


  • Dining options from experienced and exceptional chefs
  • A qualified nutritionist oversees the Gracewell nutritional programme [anchor link to Sophie Murray on dining page]
  • Each of our care homes has a cafe which offers quality snacks including tea and coffee around the clock

Home care

  • Self-cooked meals or having to make external provisions

Activities and leisure

Life at Gracewell is never dull, with activities and excursions on offer throughout the week. Never compulsory, but always eagerly awaited and enjoyed by all.


  • Daily programs organised by trained staff - we build our activities around our residents and evolve them based on their feedback
  • Activities focused on mind, body, and spirit - Gracewell's range of activities enables residents to live their best life.

Home care

  • Isolation common due to time alone


Gracewell offers transparent, inclusive cost options based on an individual's needs and requirements.

Care home

  • Clear and reviewed regularly
  • Includes meals, laundry, housekeeping, and activities

Home care

  • Additional services may have hidden fees
  • The cost can be higher than residential community living