Choosing a care home

The five-step checklist

For many people, looking for a care home can be a confusing and daunting prospect. What questions should you ask? And how do you know if a care home is right for your needs?

We've created a comprehensive, five-point checklist featuring the questions you should be asking and some key points to consider.

Our care home checklist covers the following topics:


1. Your care and support needs

Ensuring that you will receive the care you need is of utmost importance. This section of the checklist evaluates the quality of care, involvement of your family, accessibility and more. 

Your company and surroundings are also vital to your well-being. Think about your first impressions of the care home and the other residents in the care home at this time.


2. Your personalised bedroom

Request a visit of a bedroom or suite similar to the one you would occupy. Check that you can personalise your space to your liking and safety measures and cleanliness are up to par.

3. Your interests, social life and companionship

Your care home should be in a convenient and pleasant setting that is easily accessible by friends and family. Ensure common areas and the surrounding area have all your required amenities.

4. Your favourite meals and dining choices

Nutrition is essential to your health. Take the time to try a meal when visiting the care home and ask about specific dietary restrictions and dining preferences.

5. Your family updates, visits and activities

Inquire about the activities programmes both in and outside of the care home as well as visitor protocols.

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